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My name is Pavel Masek and I collect Motorola memorabilia stuff, mainly old advertisements.

I´ve discovered that the history of Motorola is very fascinating and I´d like to keep and preserve some interesting items.

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Visit: www.StareDobreCasy.cz

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Letter from the Affrunti family is coming soon

01/28/2013 | Posted in

In March 2012 Andrew Affrunti, the worker who stayed with Motorola for 52 years, died. During summer 2012 I sent letter to the family asking about his life with Motorola. After 6 months later, I got the reply. Stay tuned. I will upload it soon. If you want to learn more about the Andrew (Andy) Affrunti, you can obtain the book "A Personal Journal - 50 years at Motorola".

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